Patient Information and Forms

Meadowview Family Dentistry is available when you have a dental emergency. If your emergency occurs after regularly scheduled hours, please call (423) 765-9303. Our office number will connect you to our emergency answering service. A trained operator will be able to assist you and contact Dr. Francis when needed.

Below are some examples of emergencies and helpful hints of what to do:


Check to see if there is any food trapped inside or around the tooth. Brush and floss the area thoroughly. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Take the appropriate amount of OTC pain medication (ibuprofen or Tylenol) and call the office. We will need to assess the tooth to determine the cause of the pain (may be food impaction, cavities, or an abcess).


A dental infection may cause the face or neck to swell. Place a cold compress on the area until you can see a doctor and take the appropriate amount of OTC pain medication. (Ibuprofen or Tylenol). Call our office for an appointment to evaluate where the infection is located and how best to treat it. Dental infections can be very serious and may require treatment at a hospital emergency room.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Baby teeth should NOT be put back in the mouth because it may damage the growing permanent tooth. Your child still needs to be seen at the office to find out if any other teeth, jawbone, or tissues around the mouth are injured.

Knocked Out Permanent (Adult) Tooth

Time is very important in saving a permanent tooth. Find the tooth and rinse off any dirt with room temperature water. Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root, and do not scrub it. Place the tooth in the socket (hole where the tooth goes in the mouth) and hold the tooth in place. This should be done within 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out. If you are unable to reinsert the tooth, place it in cold mild and bring it to the office immediately.

Broken Tooth

Injury to the teeth can occur from play, sports, falling, or cavities. If you break a tooth, rinse your mouth with mouthrinse or warm salt water to clean the tooth. Place a cold compress over the face in the area of injury to prevent swelling. If you are unable to get to the office in a timely manner, purchase temporary filling material at the pharmacy and place it over the fractured area to cover the fractured portion of the tooth. Call the office to assess further injuries, prevent infection and repair the tooth.